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I'm so LAME

Hey Everybody!

I know I've said some mean things about myspace in the past. And I still mean them. But I went and go a new myspace account.

(Prepare for scariness 0_o)

Please stop by and check it out. But please, if you'd like to comment about it, please do so here. It's kind of a secret project.

But feel free to friend me there though.

Thankies! Love ya!

Throw Pie and BOOBIES!

Your Daily Servings of Fruits And Feces

Watch it! Or I'll POOP on you! ^_~

Writer's Block: Secret song

What's the most embarrassing CD or track in your music library? How often do you listen to it? Do you share it with your friends or keep it to yourself?
Probably the most embarassing track in my collection. . . Actually, it's a tie. Christina Aguilera--Candy Man (I sing it out loud and I DON'T change any o the words) and Avril Lavine--Girlfriend.

Jake the Goose TV1--My Secret Weapon

I've got metal in my ears, a dozen rings of steel

I just got perferated.

I've now got a purple ball berring sticking outta eack earlobe.

Jen wants me to get two more ina da earlobes and den da cartilage.

I just want a cookie.

Fear my waste of time!

Jen found this

Writer's Block: High notes

If you could only listen to one music genre for the rest of your life (classical, rock, jazz, etc.), what would you choose, and why?

Punk/ska all the way!